Undergoing a Pap Test in Bondi Junction

Are you looking to take a pap smear test?


Are you interested in getting a pap test in Bondi Junction but not quite sure about where

to begin?Most medical experts recommend that women take such a test on an annual

basis at the start of their one’s teenage years or as you begin to engage in any sexual

activity until reaching the age of 60. Granted that your previous results had always been

normal; there’s not much sense getting tested beyond that. However, why bother with

such tests in the first place and what are the benefits of a routine pap smear test?

What can a regular pap smear test do for you?


Indeed it’s a good idea to undergo a paps smear test on an annual basis. While some

people may disagree citing economic reasons and all the inconvenience; such test can

prove invaluable particularly among women who are sexually active and above 35 years

of age. If not then you can opt to undergo a pap smear in Bondi Junction every 3 years

or so but only after formerly undergoing the test twice on an annual basis with negative

results. Such a routine has been found to yield similar benefits as that of an annual test

with full respect to one’s economic condition.


Now undergoing a regular pap test in Bondi Junction has proven instrumental in reducing

cancer rates by as much as 55 percent. Needless to say, cancer prevention is as good as

reason as any to undergo a pap test as it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Although a

yearly exam might seem like costly inconvenience, most people would agree that it’s all

well worth it in the long run


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country? Call My Family GP today on 02 9389 9699 and arrange a consultation for

undergoing a pap test in Bondi Junction.

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