GP Antenatal (Pregnancy) Shared Care

Have you just found out you are pregnant? Congratulations!

 antenatal care sydney  There are so many things to think about when considering your antenatal (pregnancy) care and childbirth options. Public or private? Obstetrician or GP? Birth Centre or home birth?
Where do you start?

Come and talk to Dr Daiva Kuzinkoviene and discuss which option of pregnancy care would be the best for you.

Dr Daiva Kuzinkoviene is accredited and registered practitioner to provide GP Antenatal Shared Care together with the midwife- obstetrician team at

Schedule of Visits

Stage of pregnancy



Who to visit

5-10 Confirmation of pregnancyOrder pregnancy blood and urine testsManage early pregnancy symptoms

Genetic counseling. First dating scan

Discuss option of care

  Discuss nuchal/genetic screening test, order if required. Book first hospital (RHW or RPA) appointment GP
  History and examinationComplete all RHW or RPA documentation, review all results and give a copy of all results for the hospital GP
12-14 Nuchal translucency Plus scan Ultrasound scan
12-14 Booking in visit with the Midwife, bring in all results, including ultrasound scans.Order morphology scanBook your antenatal classes RHW
16 Antenatal visit GP
18-20 Morphology scan Ultrasound scan
20 Antenatal visit with midwife or if any indication, with the hospital doctor RHW
24 Antenatal visit. Blood tests ordered GP
28 Second weekly antenatal visits beginBlood test reviewed GP
30 Antenatal visit. All blood results for review RHW
32 Antenatal visit GP
34 Antenatal visit. Book your breast feeding class GP
36 Antenatal visit. Low vaginal swab RHW
37 Weekly antenatal visits begin GP
38 Antenatal visit GP
39 Antenatal visit RHW
40 Antenatal visit RHW
41 Antenatal visit. Discuss induction of labour RHW
Anytime post delivery or 6 weeks after Postnatal visit . Discussion of contraception, breastfeeding problems, Pap smear if required GP