Why Women Need to Get a Pap Smear in Sydney?

What can pap smear test providers do for you?

Image of a woman getting a Pap Smear in Sydney

A pap smear in Sydney is a routine test performed by gynaecologists to examine cervical tissues for any irregularities that may indicate a viral infection (human papillomavirus) or growth of cancer cells in the female reproductive system. Is it really necessary though? In this piece, we explain why such a test is so important among women and what to expect out of the procedure.

Now before the advent of pap smear test providers, cervical cancer was responsible for more deaths among women and cases far exceeded that of breast cancer. All that changed when the pap smear test was invented; cases of cervical cancer worldwide sharply declined as more women underwent the procedure simply because it offered an effective means of detecting early signs cervical cancer. Such a disease is easily treated in its initial stages saving millions of lives in the process. A pap smear also checks for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases that woman may not know of which can lead to serious complications if allowed to progress unchecked. The said test is quick and relatively painless to undergo but more importantly, it’s an opportunity for women to take better care of themselves. All the more reason to get a pap smear in Sydney!

The cost of a pap smear test

At this point you might be wondering – how much is a pap smear test? Well the good news is that for such an important procedure, a pap smear won’t cost you much. In most cases, women don’t even have to pay for the pap smear itself although you can expect your gynaecologist to charge their usual consultation fees. Check your existing policy and you might even qualify for a free pap smear. For up to $30 per test, most women would agree that it’s a small price to pay to help ensure their health.

How often do you need a pap smear?

Yet another common question that women have about a pap smear test is how frequently should they undergo the said test. Gynaecologist recommend that a woman should undergo a pap smear test as soon as they turn 18 or when you start engaging in any sexual activity. To begin with, your gynaecologist can administer the test once a year and then once every 3 years if your results come back normal during your previous test.

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