Why Bother with an HPV Vaccine in Sydney?

Vaccine for cervical cancer

a girl getting an HPV Vaccine in SydneyAre you wondering about the significance of getting an HPV vaccine in Sydney and whether its actually worth looking into? Such a vaccine is one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of our time. Geared towards preventing cases of HPV infection, many have challenged its authenticity over the years. Granted its effectiveness isn’t guaranteed 100 percent yet one must not forget that the medical community has found it highly instrumental in the fight against cervical cancer in the country.

How do HPV vaccine shots work?

Now there are different types of cervical cancer vaccines in use today and more on the way. This is hardly surprising considering that there are more than 200 strains of the HPV virus in existence. Immunisation against cervical cancer is much more complicated than most people realise and a type of HPV vaccine only prevents infection from certain strains.

One common type of HPV vaccine shot is “Gardasil” and administered to females up to 26 years of age over a series of 3 injections over a 6 month period. It was developed to combat 4 strains of the HPV virus – Type 6 and 11 (responsible for 90 percent of genital warts) as well as the less common Type 16 and 18 (responsible for about 75 percent of cervical cancer cases)

Yet another popular type of HPV vaccine in Sydney is “Ceravix” found to be more effective in combating the Type 16 and 18 strain of the HP virus.

Limitation of the HPV vaccine in Sydney

Indeed getting an HPV vaccine in Sydney will help protect you against cervical and vaginal cancer but its important to consider that the latter isn’t caused by HPV alone. Hence its possible to get an HPV vaccine and still develop cervical cancer for non-HPV related reasons. It doesn’t help that the cost of HPV vaccine in Australia can be quite significant although the fact that the said vaccine helps prevent majority of the cases is as good as reason as any for women to get them.

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