What can you Expect Out of Antenatal Care in Sydney?

What is antenatal care during pregnancy?

Image about a pregnant woman getting Antenatal Care in SydneyAre you wondering about antenatal care in Sydney? Perhaps you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant and would like to know what you can expect out of it and whether its actually worth looking into? In any case, pregnancy is a life-changing stage for most women. The best way to go through it is to learn all that you can about pregnancy and the various aspects surrounding it.

You can expect pregnancy to bring about significant changes to your life. Bodily changes brought about by the early onset of pregnancy can be scary, easily affecting your behaviour and life style. Going through an antenatal care schedule will help you understand these changes and keep on top of any problems you might encounter along the way.

Antenatal care guidelines

Pregnancy is a natural reproductive process; we know that much. However complications do tend to happen and thousands of women all over the world die because of it, mostly due to the lack of antenatal care. Hence you should start seeing your doctor right away shortly after finding out about the pregnancy. The goal of antenatal care in the country is two folds – access to maternal health care and educating women about pregnancy and child birth. Visiting your doctor regularly would allow you to closely monitor your baby’s development and watch out for any illness or complication which may affect the birth.

You can expect your first visit for antenatal care in Sydney to take much longer than your later visits as it often involves a thorough review of your medical history. This will warrant a detailed physical examination, some lab work and estimated due date. You’ll also be given a schedule for your succeeding visits and a briefing on antenatal care guidelines. You’ll be asked a series of question such as your last menstrual period and whether you’re suffering from any underlying health problems – diabetes, high blood pressure, ect. Be truthful about your answers and provide as much as details as possible. Only then can you expect your doctor to provide you with antenatal health care plan that perfectly suits your needs.

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