Protect Your Family from Whooping Cough Disease

Whooping cough symptoms and diagnosis

a child being treated for whooping cough diseaseWhooping cough is a very infectious and potentially dangerous disease that affects thousands of people in Australia. Cases of infection are surging every year; all the more reason to start protecting yourself and your loved ones from such a disease. You’ve got to wonder though – just how serious is it and what can you actually do about it?

Now the disease is called as such due to the “hacking” coughing sound of those afflicted by it followed by a sharp “whoop” as the latter tries to catch their breathe. The disease spreads easily through tiny droplets of bodily fluid in the air and the condition can prove dangerous for young children, especially infants, as it attacks and restricts the airways.

Whooping cough symptoms are easy to mistake for a common cold or flu as it shares similar symptoms such as low fever and a runny nose. An accurate diagnosis of the disease can only be made by collecting fluid samples from the throat and nose for presence of the bacteria. If your children develop a strange cough that doesn’t go away after several days then it would be best to visit your doctor to check for signs of the infection which often requires antibiotics to successfully treat. Better yet, get them a shot of whooping cough vaccine; after all prevention is always better than a cure!

Whooping cough treatment

Of course whooping cough treatment may require nothing more than bed rest and a boost in your water intake but that’s only true for healthy individuals with a strong immune system. Children are particularly susceptible to the disease as their immune system is still in the development stage. Hence a vaccine is highly recommended and can be taken by infants as young as 3 months of age. When starting school, a booster shot is given and its important for parents to keep up with their children’s vaccination if only to ensure that they remain safe from this infectious and potentially dangerous disease.

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