What You Need to Know about Consulting With a Female Doctor in Bondi Junction

a picture of a female GP in Bondi Junction

Did you know that only 1 out of 5 general practitioners in Australia specialising in women’s health care are actually women? This means that you are most likely to see a female travel doctor in Bondi Junction when visiting a medical centre although that’s not always the case. Neither can you demand to see one at any given time especially without an appointment.

If you would prefer to see a female GP  then you’d do well to learn about the circumstances where medical centres are usually able to honour such requests. It’s also worthwhile understanding that there are times when it just isn’t possible. How exactly is this so?

Making a request to see female doctors in Westfield

Understandably there are perfectly good reasons wherein you might want to insist on seeing a female doctor. Perhaps you are simply more comfortable speaking with one about your health concerns — often the case for pregnant mothers and women looking to discuss matters regarding their health — like birth control, pap smear test, vaginal examinations, etc. However you must understand that there are times when you will not be able to speak with a female GP about your concern.

For example, you might see a lot of women doctors during your visit to an antenatal clinic in Westmead but there’s no guarantee you’ll actually be seeing one. Doctors have designated responsibilities based on their expertise and are scheduled to see a group of patients during the day. Calling away a female doctor from her set duties would inconvenience other patients. Hence your best bet towards seeing a female GP is to phone your clinic for an appointment well in advance and make a request.

When is it possible to see a female doctor at a medical and dental centre?

There are circumstances wherein your medical centre reserves the right to refuse requests made by patients to see a female doctor. This is often the case with operating theatres and emergency rooms — basically any situation wherein you require immediate care. The main concern is to get an available doctor on scene who possess the necessary experience and skill set. Beyond that, you can expect your medical and dental centre to agree with your request to see a female doctor as best they could.

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