How Important is a Flu Vaccination in Sydney?

a patient getting Flu Vaccination in Sydney

Flu Shots – Are they really necessary?

Many people are quick to dismiss flu vaccination in Sydney as something that is totally unnecessary. After all there’s no point in getting shots that are only effective up to one year or is there?

What most people don’t realise is that influenza (flu) is a serious illness that sends thousands of people to the hospital every year with a few cases resulting in death. While the cost of a flu vaccine may seem like an added expense, its small change compared to the danger and treatments that you’d have to undergo if you do end up contracting the influenza virus.

Now the flu season in Australia is between May – October and an infection can affect people differently. Recent data from the Australian Influenza Surveillance Report indicate that the disease mostly affects kids aged 5-9 and seniors over 85 years old. A secondary peak in infection also occurred this year mostly affecting people aged 40-44 years old. Data suggests that even perfectly health individuals can get infected with influenza and pass the disease to others.

About 5 to 10 percent of the Australian population get the flu every year with a mortality rate of about 1:1000 people. People with weak immune systems are at the most risk with flu related deaths mostly affecting children and the elderly. The most effective way to prevent infection is to get annual flu shots; you’d be protecting not only yourself and your family but your local community as well. Annual vaccinations help limit the spread and significantly drive down cases of infection in the country.

How does flu vaccination in Sydney work?

There has been much debate about flu vaccinations pros and cons – some even go as far as to say that flu shots does the body more harm than good. It helps to know a thing or two about how these vaccines actually work.

Flu vaccinations leverage the body’s ability to develop antibodies to fight off specific infections; in this case, it’s the influenza virus. Seasonal flu vaccines provide adequate protection against common strains of the influenza virus which includes the H3N2 (Influenza A), Influenza B and the once dreaded H1N1 swine flu virus.

Ready to get started? Perhaps you’ve never caught the flu but can you and your family really afford to? Preventing such problems is after all the whole point of a vaccine. Contact My Family GP today on 9389 9699 and get your flu vaccination in Sydney!

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