4 Top Early Signs of Pregnancy

a woman wondering about the Signs of Pregnancy

Wondering about the early signs of pregnancy?

Are you wondering about some of the most common early signs of pregnancy? Perhaps you’ve been suspecting that you might be pregnant for quite some time and just want to make sure before deciding on anything? Pregnancy is a big change to a woman’s body and if you are with child, your body will surely tell you so.

Now women may get only a few of the signs of pregnancy before missed period or you might all of the signs mentioned in this article. Women respond to pregnancy. Changes in hormone levels will have a woman’s body responding in many ways which suggests that you indeed might be pregnant.

So what are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy

A clear sign of pregnancy is a missed period but that is only considered a clear indication after several months. It’s not uncommon for women to occasionally experience delays in menstrual cycle. Of course when the delay is accompanied by a number of bodily changes then there’ s a good chance that you might indeed be pregnant. Some of the earliest signs of pregnancy include:

Sore breast and nipple sensitivity

One of the most common signs that women experience in early pregnancy is perceived soreness or tenderness in the breast area. It’s the body’s response to rising hormone levels in the body as it prepares the breasts for child rearing. However its also a sign that is easy to miss as women often attribute it to stress or discomfort with their clothing as the soreness persist and eventually disappears as the body adjusts to the elevated hormone levels.

Increased body temperature

Yet another common sign of pregnancy is an overall increase in basal temperature – body temperature at rest. This increase in body temperature is attributed to the ovulation cycle which normally disappears after your menstrual cycle. In the event of a pregnancy though, the increased temperature persists long after as the blood flow increases throughout the gestation period. The increase in body temperature is usually very subtle (about less that 1 degree Celsius and easy to miss unless you’re sensitive to small changes in your body temperature.

Vomiting and Nausea

One of the classic signs of pregnancy and often referred to as the “morning sickness”. Women often experience severe nausea which begins shortly after the first month of pregnancy (around 4 to 6 weeks). The condition is again a common side effect of elevated hormone levels in the body and thus considered a sign of a good pregnancy. Nausea may persist until the first trimester of pregnancy and often accompanied with vomiting. If that sounds a lot like you then its important to make sure that you drink enough water so as to avoid complications due to dehydration.


It’s normal for women to feel tired especially after a long day at work but if your fatigue is severe even with minimal physical activity then it might be a sign that you are pregnant. Persistent fatigue can be attributed to all the energy your body uses up throughout the gestation period.

So there you have it – 4 of the most common signs of pregnancy. Think you might be pregnant? The only way to know for sure is to undergo a pregnancy test. Cease wondering and know for sure! Call My Family GP today on 9389 9699 and learn more about early signs of pregnancy.

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